Risk Avoidance With Infrastructure Security

Keep Your Business and Data Safe By Migrating Your Legacy Servers


Eliminate Exposed Security Gaps from Legacy Environments

When mission-critical applications are the lifeblood of your business, you have to keep them secure. 

Running them on unsupported legacy servers increases the risk of breaches and damage to your business and customers. 

Moving your applications to secure environments and retiring your legacy servers reduces your risk profile. Protect your applications. Protect your business. Migrate to modern systems in better environments. 

“Protecting your business means avoiding risk without costly projects and disruptions. Keep your business running safely today, tomorrow, and in the future.”

Why VirtaMove Is Your Risk Avoidance Solution

Trying to move business-critical applications without expertise and proven technology on your side may end up costing your businesses more than you anticipated.

With over a decade’s experience moving complex server applications from legacy environments into modern, secure systems and environments, our infrastructure security practices have helped companies protect their operations.

Next Generation Migration

Unlike lift-and-shift migration, which retains legacy operating systems and other unnecessary elements, VirtaMove containerizes selected applications only and migrates them to new, secure operating systems in modern environments.

Enhanced Security

Retire end-of-life and unsupported operating systems by migrating business-critical applications to modern, secure environments.

Regulatory Compliance

Achieve and maintain compliance with major data protection regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI by removing unsupported, unsecured operating systems and servers from your IT infrastructure.

High Performance and Efficiency

Migrate your business-critical applications to newer, efficient, and lower-maintenance operating systems on-prem or in the cloud.

Server Architecture Insights

VirtaMove’s intelligent application discovery delivers valuable insights into server architecture, application dependencies and usage, and security gaps.

Prioritize Migrations and Strategy

Data collected from VirtaMove intelligent monitoring allows IT professionals to plan highly targeted and effective application migration strategies.

Protect Your Business With Infrastructure Security 

The key to mitigating data risk is identifying and addressing your security gaps. An outdated, unsupported, and unpatched operating system is a prime attack vector for data breaches. VirtaMove is the only migration solution that provides a server and application security report, allowing you to prioritize migration candidates based on their security profile. It’s time to protect your business and leave outdated operating systems behind.

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Risk Avoidance Helps Your Business Achieve Regulatory Compliance

In an era of data theft, regulations enforce data protection. Stay ahead of the regulatory curve to maintain compliance, retain customers, and keep your business running.

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Partnering with VirtaMove for a Tailored Solution

Each business is unique, as is each risk avoidance strategy. We’ll assess what your company needs to keep data safe and tailor a solution to seamlessly fit your business goals.

Cloud Onboarding

Lift-and-shift should no longer be your first option for moving applications to the cloud. VirtaMove’s next-generation cloud migration solution is more efficient, less error prone, and lets you retire that unsupported operating system altogether.

Data Center Consolidation

Move mission-critical applications to modern infrastructure or to the cloud and retire unsupported operating systems and legacy hardware.

Application Modernization

Looking to go beyond migrations? VirtaMove’s enhanced services provide customers with full application modernization at the code level.

Redevelopment Deferment

Defer costs associated with redeveloping or replatforming applications by moving them to new, faster, secure operating systems or cloud environments. Buy time to plan and implement redevelopment later, while still reaping performance and security benefits today.

Application Discovery

VirtaMove’s intelligent application monitoring and discovery removes assumptions and guesswork from application modernization plans and strategy.

Migration Assessment

Sophisticated reports and real-time data provide a clear picture of migration candidates and priorities, server profiles, migration complexity scores, and total estimated annual costs for cloud migrations.

It’s Time To Embrace Risk Avoidance

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