V-Maestro: A Dashboard To Control Every Move

V-Maestro orchestrates and manages V-Migrate agents for automatic application discovery, sizing, and migration.

Successful migrations involve complete insight.

With V-Maestro, you get an intuitive dashboard that lets you see all your applications so you can migrate them efficiently.

  • Discover your inventory
  • Monitor your server and applications
  • Plan your migration strategy
  • Custom reports
  • Manage Migrations

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Intelligent Migration Process

Step 1

Deploy Orchestration Solution

V-Maestro deployed in order to collect information on source server and applications

Step 2

Situation Report Generated

V-Maestro generates a detailed report on application resources, dependencies, security profile and much more

Step 3

Migration Strategy

VirtaMove works closely with client to define a detailed migration scope and strategy to ensure successful outcome

Step 4

Migration into Destination

V-Migrate begins the migration process into a provisioned destination server on-prem or the cloud

Step 5

Legacy Server Retired

Once application resides in new, modern environment it is thoroughly tested and source legacy server is retired

Make Complicated Migrations Simple

Automate Your Application Discovery and Dependency mapping


Use The V-Maestro Solution To Complete The Planning, Documentation, Migration & Monitoring.

Real-time application usage

Understand actual application usage and plan migrations based on business needs and not assumptions or best guesses.

Application dependency mapping

Uncover how many applications a server is running, discovered databases, server dependencies, certificates found, the number and degree of security vulnerabilities discovered, and more.

Application Resources

Determine the storage, memory, and CPU each application is using on a specific server.  Better plan requirements and capacity for destination servers, to avoid under or overprovisioning.

Cloud OPEX Estimates

Get annual estimated costs for computing, storage, application services, and the total annual cost of a migration. 

Destination Requirements

Determine requirements for destination servers, as well as environmental requirements, to avoid migration roadblocks, wait states, and technical pitfalls during or after a migration. 

Migration Difficulty Score

Understand the estimated complexity associated with moving specific applications.


Your hub for planning, managing, and delivering next-generation application migration

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“VirtaMove allowed for a simplified and efficient migration of Windows Server 2003 to a modern operating system environment. VirtaMove’s magic allowed us to reduce the upgrade burden of our application teams allowing them to focus on other projects while our infrastructure teams concentrated on reducing tech debt, increasing security, and maintaining manageability of our systems.”

Michael Jude

Director of Infrastructure Engineering, Alaska Airlines

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