Intelligent Application Discovery and Monitoring

Get a clear picture of your migration candidates with VirtaMove’s application discovery and monitoring solutions.


AI Driven Application Monitoring and Discovery

With deep data about your server and application profiles, you can achieve effective and optimized migrations that will yield high returns on your migration or modernization investments.

Avoid migrating unnecessary applications, eliminate technical pitfalls before, during, and after a migration, and remove best guesses in capacity planning so you don’t over or under provision destination servers. Save time and cost from migration start to finish.

It Pays to Look Before You Leap into Application Migration

VirtaMove’s Intelligent application discovery and monitoring shines light on all servers and applications in your network.

A clear picture removes assumptions, guesswork, and hidden costs from application migration or modernization plans. Sophisticated reports and real-time data provide deep insight on migration candidates and priorities, server profiles, security vulnerabilities, migration complexity assessment, and total estimated annual costs for cloud migrations.

Smart data means you don’t have to jump into application migration with a blindfold on.

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