Application Refactoring and Modernization

If you need to go beyond migration into modernizing your platform infrastructure, VirtaMove offers full application refactoring and modernization services.


Get a Baseline for Redevelopment

Applications residing on legacy operating systems are critical to an organization’s day-to-day operations. Companies can’t lose years of business knowledge captured in old applications. Even if you’re planning to modernize and redevelop aging applications in the near to mid-term, you need to understand them to rebuild functionality.


VirtaMove’s’ intelligent application discovery and monitoring capabilities provide transparency into dependencies, resource usage, use patterns, and capacity needed to run applications in modern environments. Reporting data provides valuable information on requirements for scoping your future redevelopment project.

Application Modernization

Once an application is tested and verified on the modern server, customers and partners can refactor the applications using standard change management and there is no further dependency on VirtaMove software.


Whether you are looking to install new OS updates or install patches or newer versions of the packaged software.  Changing application source code to improve security, change to a microservice architecture, or add multi-tenancy.  VirtaMove can provide advice on refactoring projects post-migration.

“VirtaMove made our Windows 2003 upgrade project very easy. Their technical knowledge and focus on delivery was very impressive; I look forward to working with them to upgrade our Windows 2008 fleet.”

Julie Andersson

Project Manager, MetLife

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