Data Center Consolidation

Reduce data center sprawl by retiring legacy windows and linux servers


Why VirtaMove for Legacy Server Retirement?

In contrast to the old “lift-and-shift” approach, which simply virtualizes legacy servers as is-in the cloud, VirtaMove’s approach is application centric.

We move selected applications and their production state and data to modern environments, leaving behind clutter and outdated operating systems to be retired

Reduce Data Center Footprints with VirtaMove’s Cloud Onboarding and Application Migration Solution

  •  Managing and maintaining legacy systems consumes valuable data center resources. It makes business sense to retire old servers and migrate their applications to efficient and secure on-prem environments or to the cloud.
  • Take advantage of a cloud-first approach to your data center and migrate or modernize business-critical applications residing on legacy servers.

Looking to Reitre Legacy Servers and Consolidate Your Data Center?

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