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Migration Intelligence. A Smarter, More Effective Way To Migrate.

Migration Intelligence dynamically discovers your Application Genome and uses that data to do a stateful re-install of your applications on modern, secure destination.

Reduced Risk
Regulatory Compliance
Enhanced Performance
Lower Operational Costs
Better Security

Building a Tailored Migration and Modernization Solution

Consider VirtaMove your best asset for your migration and modernization requirements. Our Migration Experts can assess your business requirements and create a tailored solution. As your migration partner, we can get you started on the right path in your digital improvement projects and take you to a seamless changeover. 

VirtaMove’s intelligent application monitoring and discovery removes assumptions and guesswork from application modernization plans and strategy.

Sophisticated reports and real-time data provide a clear picture of migration candidates and priorities, server profiles, migration complexity scores, and total estimated annual costs for cloud migrations.

Repackage the as-is application state and migrate to modern, secure operating system without the need for install scripts or source code.

Looking to go beyond migrations? VirtaMove’s enhanced services provide customers with full application refactoring and modernization

Move mission-critical applications to modern infrastructure or to the cloud and retire unsupported operating systems and legacy hardware.

Lift-and-shift should no longer be your first option for moving applications to the cloud. VirtaMove’s next-generation cloud migration solution is more efficient, less error prone, and lets you retire that unsupported operating system altogether.

Ready to get moving? So are we.

Intelligence-driving migrations are fast and reliable. They can start now.

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Make the Right Move.

How AI manages every migration.

Your systems are complicated. Your apps are interconnected. Your business needs are to-the-minute. That’s why migrations can’t be about guesswork. They need to be driven by intelligence.

Migration Intelligence is an adaptive, machine-learning system that takes into account every need, every relationship, and every connection. 

retire legacy servers

Once applications have been migrated, put those legacy servers to rest permanently.

close security gaps

Eliminate potential security risks associated with legacy operating system.

Zero negative impact on production

Relationship awareness means there’s no impact on anything that isn’t being migrated.

No business disruptions

Your employees won’t even know a migration is happening —it’s just that easy.

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