V-Migrate: How Intelligence Drives Successful Migrations

V-Migrate captures your application state and automatically migrates it to a modern, secure operating system instance.

Make smart moves

V-Migrate automatically moves apps to new operating systems and servers.

With V-Migrate, you can move your applications to modern operating systems and new servers without committing to a huge, costly redevelopment project.

Dramatically shorten migration timelines, without interfering with your day-to-day operations.

  • Capture and preserve production state
  • Move only business critical applications
  • Source code or install scripts not required

Explore V-Migrate

Why Choose VirtaMove Migration?

VirtaMove’s patented software captures applications in Virtual Machine-free and operating system-free moving containers. This means that VirtaMove technology can move even the most complex server applications to modern, supported operating systems in any environment and any cloud. Containers preserve application state and provide portability and flexibility, which mean agility and no cloud lock in.

How VirtaMove Helps You Make Strategic Moves

VirtaMove is the only migration solution that provides a detailed server and application report. Get deep insights into your legacy systems and make informed, strategic migration decisions. Leverage next-generation, proven migration technology that eliminates the need for inefficient lift-and-shift and manual migration approaches. Using automation and proprietary artificial intelligence technology, we’ve helped hundreds of customers move thousands of legacy applications, strategically, quickly, and cost effectively.


Optimize and automate your modernization strategyy with intelligent application migration software.

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Achieve Effective and Optimized Application Migration to Modern Servers or the Cloud

Lift-and-shift migrations move everything, including unused applications, outdated and unsupported windows server or linux operating systems. You don’t need to burden your data center or pay premium storage and processing fees in the cloud for unnecessary elements. Instead, use V-Migrate to automatically move business-critical applications to better environments for optimized performance, on new server operating systems that offer enhanced security and modern management tools.

“We were able to migrate a Microsoft app from the PBR datacenter to the cloud, in under an hour… it would have taken 1 to 2 weeks without VirtaMove.”

David McCluskey

President of Cloud-Migrators, PBR Systems Integrator

The migration partner of choice for hundreds of companies

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