Application Repackaging and Migration

Repackage the as-is application state and migrate to a modern, secure operating system without the need for install scripts or source code.


Migrate First, Redevelop Later

If you can’t unlock IT budget or lack the available resources for a big redevelopment project, you can still immediately improve security and performance by migrating critical applications to modern, supported operating systems on new hardware or to the cloud.

It’s an opportunity to optimize: reduce clutter and, consolidate or split applications for enhanced management. For a nominal infrastructure investment, you’ll address potential compliance violations and reduce the risk of cyber attacks or data breaches.

With VirtaMove’s next-generation migration solutions you can defer application redevelopment costs until you’re ready.

Discover Existing Dependancies and Redeploy Application Package

Use AI to discover all application state and dependancies without the need for source code and original install scripts.  Copy application state to a verification container on destination server, running a modern, secure operating system.

Verify production application is running consistently with all state components and remove container so repackaged application can be deployed on a modern server or cloud environment.  Standard change management can be applied for any subsequent refactoring or patching of the operating system or applications. 

“At Tech Mahindra, we have a long standing association with VirtaMove for over two years and have jointly delivered tangible benefits and solutions to our customers on large Windows Server modernization projects.”

Anik Sane

Vice President, Tech Mahindra

Repackage Your Application Suite

No scripts. No code. It starts with a conversation.

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