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ISV companies know that legacy customers are not modernizing their WS2003 and WS2008 applications because it costs too much, takes too long, and requires too many internal resources.

As a result, Windows ISVs are losing maintenance and upgrade revenue as customers fall out of support and fail to buy and upgrade to modern versions of their applications.

VirtaMove has a unique ISV software offering. Our ISV Program can help ISVs open up and lock in $10s of millions in additional re-occurring legacy maintenance revenue and accelerate additional revenue from customer upgrades.

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How Moving a Legacy Independent Software Vendor App With VirtaMove Works

Moving legacy applications forward to new, modern servers and operating systems is complex because you need to determine and inherit the current state of installed production applications. Most ISVs can’t deal with application state customer configuration issues in production servers; consequently, they recommend clean, new app installs on new servers with a migration plan.

Customers opt out of upgrades because clean, new installs break all of the production state constraints and create disruption and long migration delays.

The VirtaMove Independent Software Vendor Program solves these problems for ISVs.

It offers two-way partnering and revenue sharing between ISVs and VirtaMove. We roll legacy ISV apps and state/configuration data forward to modern servers for customers; in the process, we open up and lock in long term legacy maintenance contracts for the ISV. In addition, once the legacy ISV app is running on modern servers, we offer a planned and controlled way to do an in-place upgrade of the ISV app to a modern version. This generates additional upgrade revenue, maintenance, and customer lock in.

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How A Legacy Application Migration Works

Step 1

In Stage 1, the legacy ISV app resides in its initial state on an outdated Windows Server and OS, such as WS2003 or WS2008.

Step 2

In Stage 2, the legacy ISV app is copied into a VirtaMove container. The container resides on a modern Windows Server and secure OS, such as WS2012 or 2016, and provides a safe sandbox for application testing.

Step 3

Stage 3 involves removing or dissolving the container on the new server. This achieves a stateful re-install of the legacy ISV app on the new server and modern OS.

Step 4

Stage 4 sees an in-place upgrade of the ISV app on the new server, which allows a modern version of the app to be installed on top of the legacy ISV version. The modern version inherits state and configuration information.

Step 5

Stage 5 illustrates the containerization option. The ISV app is statefully installed into a Windows Container, on a host OS or under Microsoft Azure.

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