Migration Strategy

Understand your application and leverage our migration expertise so we can help you build an informed and effective migration strategy


Relearn Your Applications

A great migration plan starts with understanding your applications and partnering with a migration expert.

We’ll help you select the right applications and remove guesswork from capacity planning so you don’t over or under provision destination servers.

Leverage VirtaMove’s expertise and migration assessment to achieve effective and optimized migrations that will yield high returns on your modernization investments.

How Well Do You Know Your Server?

Legacy servers can be difficult to migrate, harboring many unknown elements that can surface after a migration begins.

These technical pitfalls can significantly delay a migration and increase costs. Use VirtaMove’s technology and expertise to steer your migration project to success, from strategy to completion. At VirtaMove we’ve migrated tens of thousands of servers across multiple platforms, on-prem or to the cloud.

We can help you determine which applications can and should be migrated, how complex a migration is likely to be, and the internal resources you’ll need to successfully migrate your applications.

“We have several legacy applications that cannot be upgraded as is and is still living on Windows 2003 servers. We had to find an immediate solution to keep these applications compliant for support purposes. VirtaMove was the only solution we could find. They have been quick to help us as we work through each application.”

Tammy Key

Manager, Project Operations Support, American Cancer Society

Build a Migration Strategy Without Disruptions.

Keep your business running today, and tomorrow. Let’s build a plan to get you there.

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