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For years we have helped customers repackage, migrate and refactor thousands of important, custom, and packaged Windows Server & Linux applications to modern, secure operating systems, without recoding.

Compared to traditional migration or app-redevelopment efforts:


less costly




less stress

VirtaMove software automates the stateful re-installation of applications on new OS instances and servers in production environments.

How We Define Success

Our Mission

VirtaMove’s Mission is to statefully move and modernize the world’s server applications to make organizations more successful and secure. Our software works, and it works at scale.

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Our Success Metric

We count completed moves of applications to secure, supported Windows Server and Linux operating systems, both on customers’ new in-house servers or in the cloud. We count successful moves every day, every week and every month, all year.

VirtaMove helps companies from many industries achieve modernization success

Meet the Board

Our board of directors helps guide us in the right direction.  With decades of experience in the IT industry, their knowledge and insights are invaluable to our continue success. 

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