Toronto (PRWEB) May 9, 2018

“We’re moving on and changing our name is part of our path forward,” says CEO Nigel Stokes. “Our team is excited about the future. We’ve worked closely with customers in building our new VirtaMove brand. We’re enhancing products and offering more application portability, agility, and virtual moves to in-house servers and the cloud. Welcome to the future, welcome to VirtaMove.”

VirtaMove’s virtual application migration solutions are vital for customers in DevOps. We’re helping customers size, move, and modernize workloads and build agility into their operations. Customers need to package and move application stacks to new servers, virtual machines, hybrid clouds, and across public clouds almost all the time. VirtaMove gives them the agile, virtual movement solution that addresses their continuous application migration needs.

Migration Intelligence is key to solving the challenge of moving workloads in scale to modern datacenter servers and to the cloud. We’ve launched Migration Intelligence (MI) Suite, which orchestrates, monitors, and migrates Windows Server stacks to a range of modern Operating Systems such as WS2012 and WS2016, in datacenters or on clouds.

VirtaMove’s MI Suite includes:

  • V-Maestro – VirtaMove’s orchestration product. You get visual insight and a cluster analysis of your network servers and the apps they’re running, so you can monitor and modernize apps intelligently.
  • V-Monitor – VirtaMove’s server monitoring product. Discovers, analyzes, and learns your apps. It captures how they’re used, so you can plan, size, and prioritize your migration efforts.
  • V-Migrate – VirtaMove’s container-based migration tool. Provides automated, rules-based migration and eliminates the need to manually reinstall and reconfigure apps or move entire server images.

Our product roadmap for 2018 includes expanding our containers for Windows Server and relaunching containers for Linux moves. We have built a block-chain based, smart contracts licensing system for our MI products. “Stay tuned for more innovative offerings and branding changes in the future,” says CEO Stokes.

VirtaMove has moved thousands of Windows Server applications from WS2003 and WS2008 to modern operating systems and servers for hundreds of customers.

About VirtaMove
VirtaMove provides a fast, flexible way to move server applications to new cloud or datacenter servers, without code change. Encapsulating Windows applications in temporary, virtual, VM/OS-free migration containers, its patented software moves complex server applications with ease. VirtaMove allows you to modernize your infrastructure, moving from an old to a newer OS – move to a modern datacenter server or the cloud of your choice.
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