By working closely with customers, we have discovered many hurdles in moving legacy Windows applications. Frequently, internal knowledge about applications is limited, original code and install scripts are missing, and app owner time is in short supply. Automated discovery of how applications are used is important. Migration Intelligence is key to solving the challenge of moving workloads in scale to new datacenter servers and to the cloud. MI lets you discover what you are running and be smart about what you move and how you move it.

With customer help, VirtaMove’s software has become the ultimate Windows Server application mover, the leader in container-based, enterprise application migration. MI Suite, which is available on an annual subscription basis, includes:

  • V-Maestro – VirtaMove’s latest offering, an exciting orchestration product. With its graphical user interface, you get visual insight and a cluster analysis of your network servers and all the apps they’re running, so you can monitor and modernize the smart way.
  • V-Monitor – VirtaMove’s server monitoring product, which discovers and analyses your apps, captures how they’re used, and builds migration templates, so you can plan, size, and prioritize your migration project.
  • V-Migrate – VirtaMove’s automated, container-based migration tool, which eliminates the need to manually reinstall and reconfigure apps or “lift and shift” entire server images using P2V tools.
  • V-Maintain – which lets you selectively manage apps post migration.

The comprehensive suite lets you move applications and workloads to new servers easily, without virtual machine or cloud lock-in. You can up-level an app to a modern OS version, for instance from Windows Server 2003 and WS2008 to WS2012 or WS2016. Up-leveling unlocks the benefits of advanced OS management tools, closes security exposures, and lets you stay IT audit compliant.

“We have been fortunate to work closely with smart customers in building MI Suite.” says VirtaMove CEO Nigel Stokes. “MI has been field tested and offers application portability and agility, helping customers tackle datacenter migrations and application moves to in-house servers or to a cloud.”

VirtaMove has moved thousands of Windows Server applications from WS2003 and WS2008 to new OS versions and servers for hundreds of large customers like Glaxo, TD Bank, CIBC, Metlife, Clorox, IBM, and many others.

Call VirtaMove or email us to arrange a demo, to learn more or to get started with VirtaMove’s Migration Intelligence Suite.

About VirtaMove
VirtaMove software provides a fast, flexible way to move server applications to new cloud or datacenter servers, without code change. Encapsulating Windows applications in temporary VM/OS-free migration containers, VirtaMove’s patented software moves most complex server applications with ease. VirtaMove allows you to modernize your infrastructure, moving from an old OS to a newer one with automation – modernize and move to a new datacenter server or cloud in one step. For more information, visit and follow us on twitter @VirtaMove.