Toronto, Canada, February 4, 2020 —Application virtualization innovator VirtaMove announced today the granting of a new OS upleveling patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, which is an important foundational patent. Building on the family of previous patents for VirtaMove’s container technology, the new OS upleveling patent and existing patents support and underlie critical capabilities, including:

  • Isolating applications from one another and from the underlying operating system (OS) to avoid application conflict. Isolation also limits any malware or virus to a single container, protecting other applications and the OS.
  • The ability to package unmodified desktop and server-side applications from old operating systems for secure delivery to, and execution on, new OS versions. This is the upleveling of an application to a modern OS.
  • The packaging of fully configured applications and their dependencies into a portable, reusable, OS-free virtual container, which can be copied and run quickly without installation.
  • Rapid provisioning of server business applications from a data center to, from, and across clouds.

Says VirtaMove CEO Nigel Stokes, “At the end of the day, customers care more about solutions than about patents. They want the ability to move legacy applications to new, modern platforms and run them, quickly and efficiently. However, what our growing family of container patents does prove is the uniqueness of the VirtaMove solution. Our patents prove our continuous investment in innovative research and development in building unique, customer-driven solutions.”

The specific granted patent covered in this announcement is:

Patent #10,540,175
Title: Up-level Applications to a New OS

Other important patents in the VirtaMove family include:

Patent # 7,757,291
Title: Malware Containment by Application Encapsulation

Patent # 7,774,762
Title: System Including Run-Time Software to Enable a Software Application to Execute on an Incompatible Computer Platform

Patent # 7,784,058
Computing System Having User Mode Critical System Elements as Shared Libraries

About VirtaMove

VirtaMove software provides a fast, flexible way to move server applications to new cloud or datacenter servers, without install scripts or source code. Encapsulating Windows and Linux applications in VM/OS-free moving containers, VirtaMove’s patented software provides a stateful re-install of most complex server applications and moves them with ease. VirtaMove allows you to modernize your infrastructure, moving from an old OS to a newer one with automation – modernize and move forward to a new datacenter server or cloud in one step. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter @VirtaMove. Move Forward!