Updated main features in VirtaMove 8.1.1

Ability to configure COTF in order to map NIC/IP addresses from Source to Destination.
Audit: Source machine user login report.
Admin console and Tether Monitor flag when a VAA is going to consume available disk space on drive.
Launch menu applications provide recent launched applications cache.
Introduction of Audit pre-start. Detection of executables with CorFlags=Any_CPU, JVM flags and connection strings.
Introduction of VirtaMove Machine learning model.
VAA Templates are automatically gathered at dissolve.

Now available: Source and Destination OS patch level.
Now available: ARP information from Source machines – “unknown endpoint” inspection
Enhanced creation of certificates per Destination for encrypted communication between Maestro and Destination. This fixes potential issues with Cloud destinations.
Now available: paths/components on Source detailed/application usage tab
Disk information highlighted in red if HD space is low
Ability to distinguish custom/user defined apps
Ability to select and migrate Source users

VirtaMove licensing can be done using a web proxy.
SSL/TLS connection upgraded to v1.2, with fallback mechanism to lower versions.
Application installation date and application size obtained by PACE component. Maestro presents this info in pages and reports.


Improvements in VirtaMove 8.1.1

Fix for runtime stack switching (ColdFusion).
Review of logging for scheduled tasks.
Fixes for infrequent occurrences of VAAs getting docked after prepopulate.
Fixes for host/services files when compressing/uncompressing/dissolving a VAA.
Audit reporting on NIC cards.
Fix for migrated application logs in event viewer when running inside a VAA.
Run button icon changed.

Improved AWS and Azure image creation and new certificate/communication schema.
Reports run on CRON schedule.
General stability and fixes:
Menus are disabled when Sources/Destinations are offline.
Improved formatting of error messages.
Better component filtering when adding custom apps.
Information on some pages was incorrect.
Fixes for IIS migrations and monitoring.
Fixes for reactiveness on certain pages.
New icons for RDP connections.

Enhanced checking of opens ports during installation
Digitally signed MSIs and executables.

Note: 8.1.1 requires matching version pairs for destinations & sources.