2023 is setting itself up to be a busy year for modernizing server infrastructure.

On January 10th, 2023 Microsoft ended support for Windows Server 2008 hosted on-premise. Customers hosting their Windows Server 2008 environments on Azure will be available to purchase (1) one additional year of Extended Security Updates.

Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 will be reaching their end of support in October. After October 10th, 2023 Microsoft will no longer be providing security updates, non-security updates, bug fixes, technical support, or any other content updates. Organizations may annually purchase Microsoft’s Extended Security Updates until October 13, 2026, with the cost increasing each year.

On November 8th, 2022, Microsoft released a patch resulting in significant disruptions to businesses. An Out-Of-Band was released 9 days later for Windows Server 2008 and onward, and no patch was provided for Windows Server 2003. Our blog post on Kerberos Sign-In & Authentication Errors further details what happened.

The table below outlines the end of support, the end-of-life, and extended support dates for various environments:


The windows support timeline is a table depicting key days for Windows OS support. The image provides dates for: end of life, end of support and extended support.

VirtaMove’s Infrastructure Modernization Tools For 2023



VirtaMove has continued to develop our primary migration tool for modernizing server infrastructure. V-Migrate is now able to support Windows Server 2022 as a destination. V-Migrate full migration capabilities are summarized in the table below:

This table depicts what server infrastructure VirtaMove supports application migrations on. The list of sources depicts what legacy server infrastructure is support and the destinations depicts the support modernized server infrastructure

Standalone Migration Tools

VirtaMove has developed (3) three additional migration tools as standalone tools independent of our V-Migrate Tool. These tools can be used for both small and larger server infrastructure modernization projects.


COTF is a global search & replace tool for system-wide application configurations for both the file system and the registry.

Standalone Windows Tasks Migrations

SWTM is used for migrating tasks to a new Windows Server environment.

Standalone Local Users & Groups

SLUG is used for migrating the local users and groups to a new Windows Server environment.