Many Business-Critical Apps Are Old Enough to Drive, Some Are Old Enough to Drink

VirtaMove helps customers migrate and modernize legacy Windows Server and Linux apps so they can move up to servers running modern operating systems. For example, we move apps in their as-is state from production servers running WS2003 and WS2008 to faster, secure servers running WS2012, WS2016, or WS2019.

VirtaMove can also move legacy Linux RHEL 5/6 applications to RHEL 7/8 or to another modern Linux distribution like SUSE. You can even run those Linux workloads on WS2019 if you want.

The “Magic” of Up-Leveling Legacy Apps

Partners like Microsoft and customers repeatedly say that “what VirtaMove does is Magic”.

To do the “Magic” of up-leveling legacy apps, you don’t need source code or install scripts. VirtaMove uses AI to dynamically discover the “as-is” state of your production applications. Our tech doesn’t change your production servers. They can continue to run while VirtaMove securely streams the app to a modern server, VM, or cloud-hosted OS. Our software does not run on your older, fragile production environments. We understand they’ve been running for a while, and you need them. Some of those WS2003 servers are old enough to drink and many WS2008 server app could get a driver’s license.

If a Docker container is part of your future strategy, we can install the current state of Linux and Windows Server legacy apps into a Docker container. Our approach does not depend on install scripts so it isn’t a Docker compose process. AI captures the current state of applications and lets you install it into a container.

Why migrate and modernize apps to modern servers?

Many prospects and customers want to migrate and modernize apps, especially if apps have reached 12+ years. Redevelopment projects can take advantage of new cloud and coding libraries. Still, redevelopment takes time. It needs to be done carefully to ensure that all the existing application features and new requirements are understood, specified, and built into the new app.

The “best first move” at your disposal to modernize apps is to move them to modern, secure servers. 

Nigel Stokes, CEO VirtaMove Corp

If a big redevelopment project isn’t in your immediate future for budgetary or resourcing reasons, the “best first move” at your disposal to modernize apps is to move them to modern, secure servers. Compared to an app remediation project, migrating and modernizing is fast and inexpensive using VirtaMove’s AI-based Migration Intelligence suite. It also gives you a way to keep running and supporting customers on faster, secure servers while redevelopment takes place. You can run old and new applications in parallel to ensure that critical app features are captured in the new system. You can buy time for training users on new apps and do testing and a planned rollover to the new system.

If you’d like to learn more about how VirtaMove can help you migrate and modernize apps, let you exploit your existing app code, and close security exposures on old unsupported operating systems, give us a call. We’d be pleased to offer a free meeting or demo to show you the VirtaMove Magic.