Why Develop An Application Modernization Roadmap?

Legacy applications accumulate significant value from their continuous improvements and customizations. Over enough time, that value becomes a significant competitive advantage for an organization. To abandon those legacy applications when the underlying hardware or technology depreciates is to waste substantial business value. Instead, an application modernization roadmap can help IT departments retain the value of their legacy applications throughout their modernization.

Without a roadmap, it can be difficult for the business to understand the cost and benefits of modernization. When businesses aren’t able to understand IT modernization, they are unable to properly prioritize modernization projects. Our application modernization roadmap aims to help IT departments share the value of their legacy applications and the cost of modernization with their business. The roadmap can serve to document & communicate the business’s application modernization strategy.

Legacy Application Modernization Roadmap




Feasibility Study

    1. Application Inventory
    2. Infrastructure Inventory
    3. Determine the need for modernization
      • Do the applications support users’ current and future needs?
      • Are there current or future compatibility concerns?
      • Applications no longer receive system updates, security patches, or other help from the original vendor.
      • Updates, maintenance, and scaling are complex, expensive, and impossible.
      • Crashing, sluggishness, and reboots
      • Non-responsive servers requiring manual intervention
      • Poor user experiences.
    4. Document Feasibility Study

Technical & Business Assessment

    1. Application Assessment
    2. Infrastructure Assessment.
    3. Business Assessment
      • Application SMEs
      • Application Users
      • Application Owners
      • Application Architects
      • Security Teams
      • Infrastructure Teams
    4. Document Technical & Business Assessment

Modernization Planning

      1. Determine how the business will execute each modernization approach
      2. Assess applications against each modernization approach
      3. Prioritize Applications & Develop Project Timelines
      4. Document Modernization Planning

Destination Assessment

    1. Determine Destination Requirements
      • Capacity
      • OS Version
      • Configurations
      • Security
      • Location – (On-Premises vs Cloud)
      • End- Of-Life
    2. Strategize & Align
      • Source Servers to Destination Servers
      • Source Applications to Destination Servers
    3. Document Destination Assessment

Future Planning

    1. Determine Expected End-Of-Life For Destination
    2. Consider Future Modernization Timeline
    3. Consider OS Currency Planning