Migration Intelligence is key to solving the problem of moving workloads in scale. What do we mean by Migration Intelligence? At the simplest level, MI means: Be smart about what you move and how you move it. 

The first step in MI is to use smart, automated application discovery and monitoring on servers to dynamically discover application usage, server and workload capacity requirements, application dependencies, and migration readiness. Intelligent monitoring tells you which applications are still used, establishes the priorities for migration, reveals application and storage clutter, and helps you plan and size target server requirements.

Once an application is “green-lighted” for migration (all application dependencies are discovered), you can move on to the automated migration step using V-Migrate.

So, what do we mean by automated migration? We mean move the application via smart, encrypted communication to a virtual container on the target system. The container encapsulates the virtualized application and its dependencies and separates it from the underlying OS. The container gives you a secure environment on the target server to do final acceptance testing and cut-over from the production server.

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