VirtaMove can help you perform a fresh install of legacy apps. There are many benefits of a fresh app install on new servers and a new OS:

  • It closes known security exposures on old W2K and WS2003 servers.
  • It eliminates WannaCry, NotPetya, and Vault 7 malware risks. New servers close Spectre and Meltdown security holes.
  • New hardware improves performance. New servers run faster so you get more work done.
  • App workload can be split and installed on separate servers or apps can be consolidated and installed on a single server. Reconfigure where apps run.
  • App components, such as IIS and SQL, can be upgraded on-the-fly for new servers. New software components run faster, are more secure, and provide advanced features.
  • It reduces app clutter, cleans up log files, eliminates unnecessary apps and lets you run on modern VMs or the cloud. It also reduces OS patch management and lets you manage servers with advanced DevOps tools.
  • Once moved, the lifecycle of legacy apps can be extended. New development over time can address new requirements. You’re not forced into costly app redevelopment simply because you want to run an app on modern servers.

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