In this white paper, you’ll learn the essentials of automated up-level application migration. Automated up-level migration of Windows Server applications uses a portable moving pod or container that separates application dependencies from the underlying OS, so applications can be effectively provisioned across datacenters or to any cloud.

Read about how:

  • Automated up-level migration software can be used to encapsulate even complex server applications into VirtaMove migration pods or containers to quickly modernize and deploy WS2003 applications to any machine or cloud.
  • WS2003 EOS can affect your enterprise; how to determine your risks and what, when, and why to move your workloads and applications off an aging operating system.
  • To implement a migration plan, including steps for moving some or all of your workloads/applications from server to server, or to a public, private, or hybrid cloud.

Migrating applications to newer server operating systems and clouds has never been easier. 

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