Most sectors globally, including utilities and pharma, have seen a significant uptick in attempted cyber attacks, in part related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cyber attacks and ransomware payments affect the bottom line and damage reputation. A shutdown or loss of operational and confidential data means disruption and possibly fines. Attacking critical infrastructure and digital control systems brings the potential for mass outages, damage to infrastructure and the environment, and injury. 

“…most successful cyber attacks exploit vulnerabilities that were not patched with the latest software fixes.”

Marsh & McLennan

According to Marsh & McLennan, “most successful cyber attacks exploit vulnerabilities that were not patched with the latest software fixes.” Siemens and the Ponemon Institute cite visibility into IT systems as a key component in dealing with cyber threats. They call it “a comprehensive and continuous discovery and inventory of digital assets.” Providing meaningful security on a network is hard to do “when operators do not know what equipment exists within that network.”

Dealing with unpatched systems and achieving continuous visibility can be onerous, particularly for large organizations with complex legacy IT environments.

VirtaMove’s technology can help companies with achieving visibility in a timely and cost-effective fashion. Our Migration Intelligence Suite uses automation to discover your digital assets, capture applications and all dependencies and historical data, and perform a stateful re-install in a modern and supported environment. 

Automated discovery and migration allow your company to save roughly 70% of the costs that you would incur with a hand migration. Parallel migrations are possible with automation, meaning that you can modernize more apps in less time. If the scale of the issue is daunting, automation and a proven migration methodology are on your side. 

A stateful re-install of legacy applications offers many benefits for a modest infrastructure investment, including closing known vulnerabilities and exposures on outdated, unpatched OS instances and enhanced performance on newer, faster hardware. It also extends the useful life of your apps while allowing concurrent plans and activities, such as IT audits and security and risk assessments.

Contact VirtaMove to schedule a demo or learn more about achieving visibility with the help of automated migration tools. We help companies like yours secure a brighter future every day and we’re always pleased to share what we know.