VirtaMove can help you automate app migration. Migrating and modernizing Microsoft Windows Server applications is a daunting task for IT. During the last 15 years, physical and virtual server platforms have exploded in diversity. Most DevOps teams struggle to manage a mix of Windows applications running on W2K, WS2003, 2008, 2012, and 2016 OS servers. Maintaining production applications across this diversity of environments has become a headache.

There are still millions of W2000 servers running production applications. The number of W2003 servers exceeds 5 million. By the time W2008 reaches EOS in approximately 2 years, there will be more than 20 million servers running on W2008. Six years after that, W2012 EOS will force more than 30 million servers to be remediated and modernized. Each migration wave needs to be modernized in the same 3-year window, so the migration and modernization of Windows Server applications is an ongoing and growing tsunami of effort.

At VirtaMove, we believe that Migration Intelligence is a better way to address the problem of Windows application migration and modernization. Using programmed intelligence to automate the monitoring and analysis of applications on a server, combined with automated migration tools, can reduce the effort to migrate applications from months to days and reduce costs accordingly.

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