VirtaMove can help you address GDPR requirements. To comply with GDPR rules, you need an up to date list of software apps. Often, run books are out of date, install scripts are missing, some apps are no longer used but have not been uninstalled, and new apps are added over time. VirtaMove’s app monitoring can reveal which apps are still used on a server and which users are using them.

GDPR makes businesses liable for data breaches. To address GDPR requirements you can’t run on an unsupported OS like WS2003 or the soon to end WS2008. Legacy systems need to be ported to secure, supported operating systems. They need to be modified to address GDPR requirements such as:

  • Tracking and monitoring the retention time for personal data
  • Explicit consent for data collection and the purposes for which data is used
  • A process that transforms, anonymizes, obfuscates, or encrypts personal data so that the resulting data cannot be attributed to a specific data subject without the use of additional information, such as a decryption key
  • The ability and right to access personal data and info about how personal data is processed
  • The ability and right to request erasure of personal data
  • The ability to transfer personal data from one electronic processing system to another
  • Records of processing activities, including the purposes of the processing, categories involved, and time limits retention

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