Our Board

Nigel W. Stokes

Co-Founder & CEO

Nigel Stokes is VirtaMove’s CEO. He is an experienced software entrepreneur, team builder, and leader. During his career, he has successfully founded and scaled a range of DevOps companies.

Previously Nigel was co-founder and CEO of DataMirror, a real-time data integration company. Decades later DataMirror software is still widely used to replicate data across diverse production environments, including IBM Z, AS/400/iSeries, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, and MQ. Under his leadership, DataMirror grew quickly and it was publicly listed for more than ten years. IBM’s Information Management division acquired DataMirror in 2007.

“The fundamental app containerization, movement, and modernization problems VirtaMove’s great team is solving are challenging and exciting. The payoffs for customer DevOPs we prove daily are incredible. VirtaMove is the Best First Move in app modernization. Great apps last for decades. Our software extends the useful life of legacy apps. It will be used widely to move and modernize workloads for New Microsoft and Linux Servers, VMs and to the cloud for many years. We are well ahead of the curve. Why? Because, it’s what we do. VirtaMove creates a great customer experience. The mission is to build sophisticated, practical, software that makes computer operations more successful and secure.”